Because of many accidents in the past Christian Louboutin Discount from collapsing industrial platforms and scaffolds, there are some strict safety regulations in place concerning them today. A platform should never collapse under people due to shoddy workmanship or materials. This can lead to serious injury or even death. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) publishes and updates the safety regulations on industrial platforms regularly.Other People Are ReadingPlatform Lift TrainingPlatform Lift SafetyPrint this article Design and ConstructionThis platform is in compliance; notice the safety netting.OSHA has safety regulations in place on the design and construction of industrial platforms. Here are some highlights of these regulations:1) The footings will be sound, rigid and capable of supporting loads without settling. Unstable objects (such as barrels or bricks) will not be used to support platforms Christian Louboutin Outlet.2) Platforms will be designed to carry four times their intended loads.3) Any part of the platform or scaffold that has been damaged will immediately be repaired.4) All legs will be plumb and square, and diagonally braced.5) Safety netting and guardrails will be in place.Materials UsedOSHA has defined what materials should be used for the construction of industrial platforms. In a nutshell, they must have the strength to support four times the intended working load. This load is calculated by adding the weight of the workers with the weight of all tools needed and the weight of the materials used in the construction.Transporting Tools and EquipmentIf tools and materials are to be hoisted to the industrial platform by crane, then taglines must be attached to the lifting baskets to prevent swaying. Furthermore, the operators of the taglines must stay in visual contact with the crane or hoist operator, to direct the operator accordingly.Worker SafetyWorkers, while on the industrial platform, have safety requirements too. They must wear hardhats and eye protection (safety glasses). Furthermore, for any work done off the ground, all workers must have safety lanyards attached to them, securely anchored to tie points, to catch them in case of falls.Considerations and RecommendationsThese safety regulations for industrial platforms are there to prevent injury or death. During the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s, it was commonplace for workers to die in the performance of their jobs becausee no safety regulations were in place for industrial platforms. OSHA enacted these regulations in an attempt to stop injury and death. However, safety is really up to you. If you are going to work on an industrial platform, it would be wise to familiarize yourself with the regulations to prevent your own personal injury. Also, OSHA has a "duty to warn" regulation in place for any industry, in any setting. If you see an unsafe condition, you have a duty to warn your co-workers and management about the condition so that remedies can be enacted.